remove wireless device limitation with airtel broadband

Recently, I applied for an airtel broadband connection. Everything went really fast and smooth till the technician came home to setup the modem for broadband. I had opted for the free wi-fi modem from Airtel and the one they provided me was Binatone 850w. Surprisingly, this modem that came with Airtel had a firmware locked to Airtel!. I had two issues with this setup

  1. Max you can connect only 4 wireless devices. If you have two laptops and two phones at home, that itself occupies all the 4 slots. If you have a tab or if your friends or relatives visit your place, they won’t be able to connect their devices to your modem using wifi till you knock out one of the earlier registered devices and then register the new device. This seriously, is a PIA!!!.
  2. The Airtel technician who came for setting up the modem had no clue on how to how to configure Android phones for connecting to WiFi. According to him, the phones would just connect automatically which was absolutely wrong. I was able to connect successfully using the same authentication settings as what my laptop showed (Network Manager in Unbuntu shows the connection information). But the problem with that was that, if I go out of wireless range and then come back again, the phone was not auto connecting to WiFi. In fact, all the steps for configuring Phone is mentioned on the Airtel website itself ( Though the doc is for Samsung, it applies to any android phone. Similar doc is available for Nokia phones also on their website. Technicians are not aware of any of these!

Searching on the internet for an unlocked firmware for this device didn’t give much results. I think the 850w is a new modem replacing the old 845w which Airtel was providing earlier. I sent a mail to Airtel customer care detailing the problem that I am facing and also at the same time, I contacted the guys at Binatone for an unlocked firmware. In the mean time, I searched the entire Airtel website ( for anything that could help me here. I noticed that had  two directories. – 850_hide and 850_No hide. All you have to do is, download the firmware (filename – ras) inside the “No hide” directory and use that firmware with the 850w router. The stock firmware that came with the modem wouldn’t allow you to change the Wireless Authentication – all that would be greyed out (Unchangeable). This firmware inside the No Hide directory would unlock all that and you can configure the modem with WPA2-PSK with AES which is what I did. No more limitation on number of devices and phone is also happy. The Binatone 850w also has mulltiple SSIDs.

Folks at Binatone did give me a firmware, but unfortunately that didn’t work for me. Later I got call from Airtel customer care regarding my query. As usual, the first level guys that you get to talk to initially know nothing about all these. I had to escalate the call to talk to someone from the technical team and they said they can’t increase the limit of only 4 devices. If I can provide them my internet IP, they said they will login from there and change the firmware to unlock the settings which I had already done.

I am also attaching the unlocked firmware here in case Airtel decide to remove that from their website later 🙂 You can get it here – dt850w-a1.006.ras

Airtel seem to be implementing this Enterprise Authentication based on telecom regulations

In that case, they should allow the users to request for increasing the number of wireless devices that can be registered on their portal. In fact, docs on their site says that subscribers can ask for increase – on PAGE 38, says

A master can create up to 3 child accounts
This limit can be changed by the administrators on a per subscriber basis.

Calls/Emails to Airtel asking for increase on this was not really helpful. As per them, they can’t increase this limit of 4 devices. If someone asks for increase, they will provide the unlocked firmware!. Nice way of implementing telecom regulations, isn’t it? 🙂

Hope this helps!


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  1. Mrinal Barua says:

    Thank you very much. It worked for me.

  2. Nipin says:

    Dear Jemshad,

    I have a binatone dt 860w modem which was supplied along eith the airtel connection. Seems the modem is locked only to use with airtel. How do I downgrade the firmware so that the modem could be used with BSNL broad band

  3. RK says:

    Thank you. The firmware upgrade worked for me.

  4. Atul Kumar Dongre says:

    Hello Sir,
    “Whenever I am opening the page & login into by entering username as admin and password as password it allow be successful login but I am seeing only the Status page having various information about the beetel ADSL 450TC1. But not getting the pages like you mentioned interface, maintenance,security etc.
    But earlier i was seeing that pages when I have the connection of airtel. Since I had disconnected the services from Airtel, not able to see those page & even not able to reset any configuration for any other services.
    Sir this is my email id please revert me solution if any so that I can sent you the screenshots actually what I am seeing while login.”

  5. Harish says:

    Please help me for 450BX1 modem….. Was browsing for a solution for the past 2 weeks… Still not able to do it

  6. Abhi says:

    i have upgraded the firmware of beetel 450 TC1 but now only power light is on ans nothing else. Modem is not resetiing and not working. What next ?

  7. Adham Wani says:

    I found the solution………………….
    Download this File here..
    It is actually the old rom for beetel 450 bx1. upload this to yur device. Works perfectly….

  8. Ram says:

    HiJamshed, is Binatone 850 same as Beetel 420tc2? .
    we were given beetel 420tc2modem and has 4 connection limit . i could downlaod the ras file but couldn’t open teh ftp location? can you help..

  9. nIKIL says:

    Hey guys here is the latest dt850w default modem firmware which can be flashed to unlock the modem. warning only binatone dt850/850w modem only. link :

  10. himanshu sharma says:

    i am trying this, hope it will works for me too….

    thanks dear

  11. sahil thakur says:

    can you please give me the downgraded firmware of benatone dt 850w for bsnl
    connection. i want T6W-A1.002 firmware. please help me. –

  12. Tucker McGaw says:

    I was also frustrated with the router settings for Binatone, so I decided to reprogram it to see if I could change it myself. I found out the the settings for Binatone DT850W are actually from TP-Link TD-W8951ND router. So I downloaded their firmware and did a compare. It’s almost the same (TD-W8951ND has a larger file as they have more menus).

    So, I installed the TD-W8951ND firmware on the Binatone router and it worked. In fact, I like the orange menus better than that dark blue.

    I think I used Version 4, but you can try other versions. If it don’t work, just Cold Restart it.

  13. Ashwin says:

    I know its kinda old but do u have an updated link for configuring the android devices. As you said frequent disconnects happening on my fone. irritating it is.

  14. Vinayak says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am recently facing frequent disconnects with my Binatone 850 router. Your posts really helps!

  15. anurag says:

    please provide me for beetel 450bx1 please i upgrade it. my biggest mistake

  16. Ashesh says:

    I have successfully loggin into router but when i try to access Advanced setup-> NAT it asks for another password, even airtel can’t give me that , now what?

  17. Vaibhav says:

    hey jemshad
    can you please give me the downgraded firmware of benatone dt 850w for MTNL connection.
    i want T6W-A1.002 firmware.
    please help me.

  18. ram says:

    Can someone please provide me the link to download the latest firmware for beetel 450 TC2 ? its been really iritating me a lot.

  19. Zahid says:

    Hi Jemshad,

    Sorry for being amatuer but how do i upgrade DT 850W firmware or .ras file provided on this site.

    Kindly help as I want to remove restriction for 4 devices…

  20. MohantyN says:

    Dear Jemshad,

    It is awesome that your post regarding the wireless device limitation has helped so many including me.

    Kudos to you all. Special thanks to JEMSHAD.

    I have done it successfully. Later, I will describe the steps in detail. But prior to that, I am verifying the working of of my modem BEETEL 450 TC2 with this new firmware.Catch you all soon!!!

  21. Rajiv says:

    I recently got a new Airtel broadband connection and I am fed up with the 4 device limit. The router I was provided with is D-Link 2730U. Please provide me with the steps to unlock/bypass the limit.
    Thanks in advance!

  22. Uzair says:

    What is network security key for beetel 450TC2??

  23. Prateek says:

    Thanks a lot for providing the firmware update for binatone.

  24. priya says:

    i’m using beetel 450tc3 it could not connect to my micromax android device but it is connected to other devices please help me solve.

  25. sunil says:

    Thanks a lot for this info, worked for me.

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